International Journal of Computer Science and Technology
IJCST 8.3 ver-1 (July-September 2017)

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Design and Development of IOT Access Point for Medicare

Sourabha Hediyal, Kirthana.S, Priyanka S, Netravathi U, Sundari Tribhuvanam, Nagaraj Hediyal


Medical emergencies are prevalent in senior citizens. The paper presents the Internet of Things (IOT) Access Point for Medicare to keep the tab on the senior citizens health. The health parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, weight have been monitored through the current work. The system is based on 8-bit programmable interface controller, which acquires the health parameters through sensors. The data sensed via sensors is converted into digital by means of analogue to digital converter of the microcontroller. The processed data is displayed on the liquid crystal display. System is designed to operate from AC mains as well as from solar energy.
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Efficient DNA Encryption Strategy of Secure Network Communications

Priyanka Sharma, Parikshit Singla


DNA processing is a type of figuring which utilizes DNA, organic chemistry and atomic science, rather than the conventional siliconbased PC innovations. DNA registering, or, all the more by and large, Bio-sub-atomic figuring, is a quick creating interdisciplinary range. Innovative work around there concerns hypothesis, trials, and utilizations of DNA figuring. The expression “molectronics” has some of the time been utilized, yet this term had as of now been utilized for a before innovation, a then-unsuccessful adversary of the principal coordinated circuits this term has likewise been utilized all the more for the most part, for sub-atomic scale innovation. This exploration makes a DNA based XOR encryption technique, the proposed encryption calculation concentrates on accomplishing taking after targets.
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Cost Effective Home Automation System

Shubham Chavan, Mayan Bhadage


This paper presents the implementation of cost effective Home Automation using Arduino Uno and various sensor. The proposed system is able to control and monitor the temperature, light, gas, water level, humidity and other household appliances. The main body of the framework contains Arduino Uno microcontroller connected to a relay driver circuit to same a Wi-Fi network. The model is also integrated with various sensors to increase the effectiveness of proposed system. A user-friendly Android application is also developed using Android Studio which provides GUI for the users. This system works within same Wi-Fi network hence it has high speed and low connection issues. The proposed system is flexible and easy to understand. Unlike most system, the proposed system is not only used for switching functionality but also for monitoring the homeenvironment. Results of the experiments conducted are quite promising. Existing homes can be converted into thesmart home using prototype at relatively low cost with convenience.
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A Collective Methodology of Software Metrics and Software Fault Exploration to Software Dependability Approximation

T. Ravi Kumar, Dr. T. Srinivasa Rao


The accurate prediction of where faults are probably going to happen in code with coordinate test exertion, lessen costs and enhance the quality of software. Target of this paper is we research how the setting of models, the autonomous factors utilized and the demonstrating methods connected, impact the execution of fault prediction models. In this paper we have indicated compherensive assessment of various machine learning techniques for software imperfection predection. A thoughtful of quality viewpoints is pertinent for the software relationship to convey high software reliability. An accurate thought of metrics to forecast the quality characteristics is essential keeping in mind the end goal to procure understanding about the estimation of software in the primitive periods of software advancement and to guarantee restorative activities. We relate one measurable strategy and six machine learning system to anticipate the models. The proposed generation are approved utilizing dataset unruffled from Open Source software. The results are dissected utilizing Area under the Curve (AUC) accomplish from Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) testing. The results demonstrate that the imitation anticipated utilizing the arbitrary timberland and sacking strategies beat the various form. Henceforth, bolster on these results it is fair to guarantee that quality models have an impressive pertinence with Object Oriented metrics and that machine learning associations have a comparable execution with numerical strategies. It is test that the CBR routine utilizing the Mahalanobis separation likeness occupation additionally the reverse separation weighted arrangement calculation yielded the best fault prediction.
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Future of IOT

Pooja Arora


No matter which way you look at it, technology has been headed towards automation for a long time now. In fact, isn’t the very basic principle of technology to make our lives easier by leaving fewer things to be explicitly done by us? It might be making us all lazier everyday, or one might argue that it is giving us far greater time to pursue whatever we desire. Whatever might be the effect, there is no doubt that automation is the future and place that it is happening the most significantly is right in our homes.
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Web Mining on Traversal Constraints using MFP & MBP

E.Sandeep Krupakar, Dr. A.Govardhan


Dynamic With the fast developing number of www clients, obnubilated data turns out to be ever progressively profitable. As outcomes of this marvel, mining Web information and examining on-line client’s deportment and their on-line traversal design have developed as a nascent region of research. Fundamentally predicated on the Web server’s log documents, the principle goal of traversal designs in client’s perusing ways and deportments. This paper introduces a quintessential structure for web mining, endorsing clients to predefine physical imperatives while authorizing many-sided traversal designs to improve the proficiency of calculations and offer adaptability in inducing the outcome. Amid this paper, an imperative predicated conspire for the digging errands was displayed for the indicate of representing the conceivable similarity when incorporated with different applications or calculations. The proposed approach performs autonomously before the primary calculations in this way being fit for taking care of an overwhelmingly enormously monster set of information and its adjustable imperative predicated sentence structure builds the effectiveness and exactness of calculations. Future work will incorporate further tests to check the model traversal of client’s web based perusing dispositions talked about and a more thorough examination of the transient imperatives concerning periodicity viewpoints.
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