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IJCST 8.2 (April-June 2017)

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Finger Vein Recognition with Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix based on Discreet Wavelet Transform

Mansur Mohamed Ali, Khalifa Nusrat, Abdelhafid Ali I. Mohamed, Mohamed Ali Hagal, Hend Hadia Ali Almezogi, Javad Rahebi, Aybaba Hançerlioğullari


In this paper, presented a robust method for finger vein recognition with gray level co- occurrence matrix based on the discrete wavelet transform. In first step for compression of the image we used wavelet Daubechies 4. Also we used local binary pattern for feature extraction.The combination of local binary pattern and gray level co- occurrence matrix with discrete wavelet transform is not used before for finger vein recognition. The simulation results show that this method is robust and fast for feature extraction and classification.
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A Review on Data Aggregation

Krati Rastogi, Kaushik Ghosh


A Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs) is a network consisting of various nodes in the network. The application of this network is in various fields such as in health monitoring, environmental management, security and military, etc. Constraint for the network of wireless sensor nodes is the size of node as it is very small and has limited processing capability with low battery power. Collection of data from the nodes and sending to the other node is the main aim of the wireless sensor network. It basically collects information from various nodes and sends the collected data from source to the sink node. Wireless sensor network has been used to transmit data to base station from among the collected data of various sources it has sensed for decision making method. Transmitted information is collected to the base station which may act as a station for data aggregation that stores all the collected data and transmit further for more operations. With the help of data aggregation we can reduce the energy consumption by eliminating the redundant data, the implosion and overlap of data among the nodes in the network. For era of development in the field of the improvement in the energy of wireless sensor networks (WSN) data aggregation is an excellent technique. This paper reviews about the techniques of data aggregation efficiently for the energy conservation in the network.
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Modified Multicast Cellular Aggregated Location Management

Upendra Verma, Ayush Soni, Damini Ranawat, Parth Rajpal


The wireless ad-hoc network operates without an access point. When this infrastructure less network provides the mobility of nodes we call it MANET. Various protocols are proposed for MANET’s, some of which provides multicast services. Today, the application of multicasting can be seen in defense area, multiple user games and natural calamity operations. The internal working of protocols can be different but the goal of all the protocols are same i.e. reliable and efficient multicast packet delivery. The route of the Multicast packet transfer become sensitive with respect to mobility. In order to, enhance the efficiency and reliability, the MPRs (multi point relays) selection mechanism along with multicasting in CALM is used. So, to transfer the data packets i.e. multicast packets, from the source to group members we have proposed an approach that builds multicast delivery routes using multi point relays.
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Optimizing the Management and Use of Energy in the Greenhouse by Modeling the Associated Heating and Cooling Systems and Implemented by an Intelligent Controller

Didi Faouzi, N. Bibi-Triki, N. Benmoussa, A. Bouhdjar, A. Abène


In Algeria, greenhouse cultivation is undergoing significant development. To meet an increasingly competitive market and conditioned by increasingly stringent quality standards, “Greenhouse” production systems (heating and air-conditioning systems) Become considerably sophisticated and then disproportionately expensive. That is why locks who want to remain competitive must optimize their investment by controlling production conditions. The aim of our work is to model heating and air conditioning systems whose goal of heating and cooling the air inside our model and implemented in our application of climate control are due to the fuzzy logic that Has the role of optimizing the cost of the energy supplied using MATLAB software.
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Data Mining Technique, Method and Algorithms



Data mining is a technique of finding and processing useful information from large amount of data. The paper covers all data mining techniques , algorithms and some organisations which have adopted data mining technology to have better information about business patterns.
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Environmental Change Analysis in Nias Island Using Remote Sensing Technique

Togi Tampubolon, Rita Juliani, Evan Alvin Harefa


This research was aimed at identifying the environmetal change by using Landsat 5 TM satellite imagery and Landsat 8 OLI with NDVI and LST parameters in Nias island. It was conducted by using overlay method by utilizing the ArcGIS 10.0 software and ENVI 4.7, at the administrative boundary map in the local area which is supported by 40 control points (GCP) of direct observation in the research area. The results showed a decrease in the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and the increase in the average of land surface temperature (LST), so that it can be concluded that there was environmental changes in Nias Island
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Smart Precision based Irrigation System using Embedded Systems

Chinmay Salaskar, Meet Shah, Ankush Kumar, Priyank Doctor, Narendra Vishwakarma


In the recent technology obsessed world, the need for inclusion of technology in the existing agricultural techniques has become the need of the hour. This project proposes a layout of a smart precision based agricultural irrigation system with the use of embedded machines which is value effective along with improvements in the existing conventional techniques and practices in the field of agriculture. Presently, the Indian agriculture is well developed in comparison to many nations. The Indian agriculture contributes approximately 14% to the overall GDP of the country. However, there is much scope for improvement using technology in the existing agricultural methods. Compared to many other foreign countries the Indian farmer is not very well exposed to the technology. One of the major problems is that there is a lot of human intervention needed even after installation of current systems that exists. Also, there is a need of economical and easy to use agricultural systems that can be an active companion to the farmers. Also, there is an upcoming term, precision agriculture which is about the observation and measuring of real-time values. The functions carried out by our proposed system is to control water supply to the crops automatically. The outcome of the system will be based on various sensors like temperature, humidity, soil moisture and raindrop sensor that acquire dynamic values from the surrounding which can be used to set the threshold parameters for carrying automated decisions. The sensor will be coupled with the combination of microcomputer and microcontroller. The other functions in the system include remotely controlling as well as monitoring the overall working system.
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GARDUINO- The Garden Arduino

Osho Tripathi, Paras Gandhi, Dr. Naveen Kumar Jayakumar


Home automations systems are a requirement of modern day life, because we might not be present at our homes every time. There isrequirement of this system not only for people who are too busy but even for those who are physically handicapped. The point we will be discussing in this research paper is which option we shall choose to make a home automation system more interactive and easy to use and with major point being its cost. Though there are systems present in the market but they are not cost effective because they are using more complex mechanism and costly materials. Such a system for garden is known as Garduino-the garden Arduino.
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NBA Web Portal

Veena J Jadhav, Abhishek Kumar, Sharad K Yadav, Sahil Srivastava


Accreditation is said to be an important part for assuring quality of institutions regarding education in colleges and university, particularly in engineering education. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and University Grants Commission (UGC) established National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for the sole purpose of just assuring proper education environment. So, in this paper we will be discussing about a web portal we designed for college management system. This paper develops and describes a web model which covers different aspects of web designing. Visual Studio is used for designing purpose and c# is used for the purpose of coding and database management.
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Efficient Text Mining using Improved IPE Algorithm

Alfiya Sana, Prateek Gupta


Many data mining techniques have been proposed for mining useful patterns in text documents. However, how to effectively use and update discovered patterns is still an open research issue, especially in the domain of text mining. Over the years, people have often held the hypothesis that pattern (or phrase)- based approaches should perform better than the term-based ones, but many experiments do not support this hypothesis. This paper presents an innovative and effective pattern discovery technique which includes the processes of pattern deploying and pattern evolving, to improve the effectiveness of using and updating discovered patterns for finding relevant and interesting information. For achieving the relevant output which is left due to less frequency, improved IPE has been suggested and proposed to be implemented in this work.
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The Contribution of Public Relations Practice to Organizational Effectiveness: A Case of Private Universities in Rwanda

Andrew Nyanyuki Onsongo, Dr. Hellen Mberia, Dr. Margaret Jjuuko


This study aimed to investigate the contribution of Public Relations practice to Organizational Effectiveness in private universities in Rwanda. The study focused on the current execution of public relations activities and how they enhance organizational effectiveness of private universities. The research employed several objectives as to: establish the contribution of public relations communicator roles to organizational effectiveness in private Universities in Rwanda; determine the effect of public relations practice models used in enhancing organizational effectiveness in private Universities in Rwanda; and establish the influence of public relations hierarchical placement in organizational effectiveness in private Universities in Rwanda. The researcher based this study on the Excellence and the Systems Theories of public relations and rational, systems, and strategic constituents modals of organizational effectiveness. This study employed a quantitative approach and a descriptive survey design. Data analysis was done using computer SPSS software. The findings revealed that PR had a high positive influence on organizational effectiveness. However, the nature of practice of PR in private universities in Rwanda did not meet the excellency threshold provided by the Excellency theory and did not adequately play the role described by the systems theory. In addition, the ideal two way symmetrical model of communication was not satisfactorily applied and, finally, PR was not duly constituted at the strategic level. Thus, study recommends enhancement of PR practice in private universities to the Excellency standards in order to facilitate PR to have a real contribution to effectiveness of the institutions.
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Relevant Content Extraction and Text Summarization

Yashashvi Sharma, Ashutosh Dixit


Text Summarization is a process of extracting or collecting important information from original text and providing that information in the form of summary. It is an important research area in today’s era of the fast growing information age. As information is growing day by day on the internet, it is difficult for users to identify the relevant information. Users have to read the whole document to determine whether the given document is relevant or not. With the help of text summarization a shorter version of large text documents by keeping relevant information from the original text document can be generated. In this work, the focus is on the comparison of clustering technique and novelty detection technique used in generating summary of the documents.
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